• March of 2020, Haneda Airport More international flights make it more convenient

    Make it easier to go abroad from anywhere in Japan,
    make it smoother to get to everywhere in Japan from oversees.

    People-to-people links are developed,
    and it activates all over Japan.
    This is that our vision.

    Haneda Airport becomes more convenient.Feel familiar to the world.

  • In March of 2020, International Flight of Tokyo Haneda Airport will start operation international service with two terminals.

    Domestic Flights International Flights

    Please double check correct terminal of your flight

More Convenient,
Add many international flights

To meet the increasing demands of flights in Tokyo capital area, Haneda Airport add many international flights.

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More advanced
New Haneda Airport

Please refer to the information about changes of terminal, name of stations and facilities due to increasing of the flights.

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The terminal information of your flight.

When you come to the airport, please check the terminal of your flight before departure.

* Terminal information will be available from March.

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News / Update Information

October 18, 2019
Haneda has released a special website for increased international flights.

More fun and convenient,
Large-scale development project

Urban development to release hospitality, encounter and moving space from hotels with innovation from advanced technology and culture.

The second zone plan of Haneda Airport vacant lot (tentative name)

Tokyo International Airport HANEDA